This is a demo ecommerce site that you will learn to build from my book Phoenix Inside Out. Apart from building this ecommerce site, you will also learn to build a mini-Phoenix framework yourself and learn Ecto - the database wrapper for Phoenix

Project Background

The ecommerce store is for a fictional brick and motor shop Mango in the city of Auroville. The shop sells fresh fruits and vegetables to its customers directly sourced from nearby farms. Due to popular demand to reduce carbon footprint, Mango has decided to open an online store for its customers. However, it still wants to continue operating the physical shop for customers who prefer to visit the shop.

User stories covered in the book

You can see these user stories in action on this demo site.

As an individual customer, I want to

  1. See seasonal products
  2. Browse products by category
  3. Add products to cart
  4. Modify cart
  5. Checkout products in cart
  6. Login during checkout if not already logged in
  7. Register for an account
  8. See my order history
  9. Create support ticket
  10. See my support ticket history
  11. Browse the website in either English, French or German
  12. See receipes
  13. Chat with others on individual recipe page

As an admin, I want to

This demo site doesn't give access to admin dashboard.
However, all these user stories are covered in the book.

  1. Use magic link to login .i.e., passwordless login
  2. Use channels-powered MBot (Mango Robot) to
    1. Create orders for customers visiting physical store
    2. Get notified on chat when a customer orders on the web
    3. Get reports by chat messages
  3. Manage products
  4. Manage customers
  5. See orders
  6. Process order
  7. Manage suppliers
  8. Manage purchase order

A context for Phoenix Context

Developing a blog app or a simple Twitter clone to understand Phoenix 1.3 is a good start but it will not allow you to see the full benefits of the increased complexities introduced by Phoenix Context.

That's the reason, this book covers a complex real-world like ecommerce site implementation to understand the usefulness and application of Phoenix Context. The book covers over 25 user stories of mixed complexities spanning over the following contexts:

  1. Catalog
  2. Content
  3. Sales
  4. CRM
  5. Warehouse
  6. Adminstration
  7. External API

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Admin backend

This demo site only features the frontend of the ecommerce site. Here are some of the screenshots of the backend of this ecommerce site that you will build in this book

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